Windows 10: Microsoft’s Love Letter to Enterprises

Yesterday, Tuesday, September 30, Microsoft announced Windows 10. With all of the new elements that will be included in the new software, it’s apparent that Microsoft is working to appeal to enterprises. Here are some of those enterprise-friendly features.

Customizable App Store
Windows 10 is all about unifying all Windows devices. The same software will be used on all devices- from tablets to PCs to phones, and the app stores will also be combined into a single Windows Store. For enterprises, the Windows Store will be customizable, meaning that they will be able to control which apps their employees see in this store, making it completely relevant to their company’s uses.

Microsoft is also introducing more advanced management features. In Windows 8, enterprises could take advantage of both Active Directory/Group Policy-based management capabilities and Mobile Device Management capabilities, but only on mobile devices. Windows 10 now gives the same capabilities to all devices, including PCs. In addition to the devices, management will also be able to control the user’s ID< apps and data.

Updates and Upgrades
With Windows 10, Microsoft will let enterprises choose how their user’s PCs and devices are updated and when. They can choose to lock down their environments and manage the schedule themselves, choose the fast track updating schedule, or mix and match. When it comes to upgrades, Windows 10 has improvements that allows upgrades to work around existing management infrastructure.

Data Protection
One problem many companies face is having to wipe data from a user’s device, with their personal photos and contacts going along with it. Windows 10 will allow enterprises to separate personal and business data, so the devices can be wiped clean without erasing an employee’s personal pictures. Windows 10 will also include more advanced data protection technologies.

While your enterprise will have to wait until 2015 for Windows 10, you can get a sneak peek with the Windows Technical Preview starting today.

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