How is Big Data Changing the Consumer Experience?

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Every successful business knows the importance of good customer experience. Consequently, every self-respecting organization ensures that it has a top-notch customer care department for this purpose. Collecting data and utilizing it effectively goes a long way in ensuring customer satisfaction.

Thanks to innovations in the digital world, proper utilization of data has become possible. It is so much easier to target the right customers for your products and services using Big Data Analytics.

How Do Big Data Analytics Work?

Customers respect value above everything else. It is great to have variety and good stock but value is above everything else. Big Data Analytics helps to give information that helps to drive the business forward. How does it work?

Analyzing Across Channels

Marketers want to see a good ROI (Return on Investment). The only way this happens is if they make sure their marketing efforts are rewarding. The best way to make sure the sales are on the up and up is to analyze customers’ activities across a variety of channels. This allows the marketer to see which channels are doing well and how they can be utilized.

While discovering essential information is relatively easy, digital marketers have struck gold with Google analytics which allows them a single view of all the data they need to analyze customer behaviour as well as assess performance.

Business people and marketers need to understand the channels that drive conversion, what clicks with the customer as well as what is popular. They also need detailed information on particular visitor paths.

Managing Customer Data

The key issues here are memory and processing capabilities. Big Data Analytics helps with issues such as:

  • Collection of data
  • Recovery of data
  • Categorizing customer data by profile
  • Preferences
  • Purchase history
  • Geographical location

This information allows the marketer to target specific customers and therefore have a higher chance of success.

Your target customers’ social interactions are also important for satisfactory customer experience. Big Data Analytics gives some insight into your target’s preferred shopping experiences as well as their social interactions.

Making the Customer Experience Better

Marketers are frequently frustrated by shoppers who get up to the checkout page and seem stuck there. These customers may have a better customer experience if you did the following:

  • Improve your web design
  • Install a helpful site search
  • Ensure that browsing through your website is made as easy as possible

Big Data Analytics allows you to figure out ways to success in your business. Customers are attracted to a simple but well thought out site that will not take too much of their time or look like a maze. Complex searches are the best way to get them to abandon ship and search elsewhere.


Ultimately, Big Data Analytics gives you the information you need to ensure that you not only target the right customers but also make their customer experience Memorable. You are able to make informed decisions in your business especially with regard to rankings as well as creating awareness for your brand.


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