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How to Prevent and Safely Dismiss Pop-Ups

Pop-ups are about as welcome as a housefly. Intrusive, annoying, and just plain unwanted. These obnoxious ads have existed for as long as the internet has been around. It’s one of the first forms of adware, blasting website visitors with windows trumpeting services and/or products they likely don’t want. While pop-ups are not as problematic…
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How SamSam Ransomware is Targeting Companies Like Never Before

We all know that cyber-attacks have become the norm, and every smart business has strict security measures in place to counter hacking attempts. Recent breaches by SamSam ransomware reported in the news on new ways in which company data files have been hacked may mean a complete overhaul of your company’s protection. Investigations after the…
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5 Phone Security Mistakes That Put Your Business At Risk

A lot has changed in the realm of telecommunication. Long gone are the days of stationary hardware as the only method to make a call. Now, it’s common for a person to have a smartphone, a powerful device with capabilities unthinkable from yesteryear. These devices connect everyone through text, media, internet, and apps, a completely…
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