Maintaining a Clutter-Free Shared Drive

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Keeping your shared Drive clutter-free is no easy undertaking. If you plan on implementing changes to optimize your Drive and reduce clutter, it’s important to note that it is a continuous process that can’t be done in a day. All participants who share the Drive need to be involved in this process every step of the way. Communication between parties involved on why you will all need to take part in prioritizing this exercise needs to be very clear. Here are some of the ways you can keep your shared Drive clutter-free.

Conducting a Regular Purge

Regular purging is a key step to keeping your shared Drive clutter-free because it is essential to delete unnecessary documents. This way, you don’t waste time by having to always develop a file structure to store them. When purging, there are two important measures to take. The first is to create a designated folder for all documents slated for deletion. Next, all participants should come together and review the documents before taking any actions. This will lower the chances of deleting valuable data.

Determine your File Structure

File structure is vital because it provides users with a visual cue that determines where files should go. If this is done correctly, it will provide more value. Here are the benefits you stand to gain if you create an effective file structure.

  • Reduces the time spent searching for documents
  • Makes it easier to access documents that are most used by identifying a single place that you will store them
  • Reduces the mistakes caused by working from inaccurate or outdated information

Shared Drive Storage Methods

The importance of setting ground rules with all participants serves to eliminate confusion. Start by identifying all the places that your documents are currently stored. This should help determine how they should be used going forward. Through this step, you can determine which storage spaces are the most effective and which can be eliminated. Clear guidelines for how to store files is key.

Maintain your Shared Drive

As mentioned before, creating a clutter free shared Drive is a time-consuming process, but it has a high reward. Maintaining a shared Drive free from clutter takes continual effort from all parties involve. The easiest way for failure to occur is through not involving each member of the team through every process. In addition to this, poorly communicating the value of this exercise can negatively affect the outcome of this exercise. By ensuring that each participant of the shared Drive is onboard and willing to make an effort, however, it can greatly reduce the effort required. Always track the progress and communicate it with the individuals with whom you share the Drive, and keeping things clutter-free will fall into place.

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